Celebrating National Minority Health Month

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Active & Healthy Bingo Challenge

Looking for a healthy activity to do at home during National Minority Health Month? This year, NIMHD invites everyone to celebrate NMHM by sharing and completing the Active & Healthy Bingo Challenge. This challenge focuses on healthy activities that individuals can complete every day in and around the home to keep our minds and bodies active, consistent with social distancing guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19.

A lot of what you do every day counts as physical activity. Gardening and cleaning the house are are great ways to keep your body and mind active and healthy, while also doing your part to slow the spread of COVID-19. NIMHD’s Active & Healthy bingo board includes healthy activities that can be completed at home!

How to play

National Minority Health Month Active & Healthy Bingo Challenge bingo board

  1. Download the Active & Health Bingo Challenge card:
    1. English version / (JPG, 138 KB)
    2. Spanish version / (JPG, 646KB).
  2. Mark an X on each activity you complete.
  3. When you have five Xs in a row, you have BINGO!
  4. Show your friends, your family, and us how you’re staying active and healthy at home during NMHM. Share your completed bingo board on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #ActiveandHealthyBingo and #NMHM2020.

The more the merrier! Encourage your friends and family to play along too throughout the month.