Science Collaborative for Health disparities
and Artificial intelligence bias REduction

ScHARe is a cloud-based social science data platform designed to accelerate research in minority health and health disparities, health care outcomes, and artificial intelligence bias mitigation strategies.

The platform offers researchers at all career levels:

  • Access to social determinants of health and other social science datasets.
  • The ability to collaborate as they apply artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced analytical techniques to these datasets in a secure setting. 

ScHARe aims to foster research collaborations and increase participation of underrepresented populations in data science so that everyone can benefit from the research opportunities afforded by Big Data and cloud computing.


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Three interconnected hexagons representing cloud networking. Inside the hexagons are (1) an Asian female professional pointing at data on a computer screen during a discussion with a Black male colleague, (2) a middle-aged Latin American woman in an office reading on a laptop, and (3) an image of a cloud with multi-colored dots in it representing pieces of data.

Page updated March 6, 2023