Science Collaborative for Health disparities
and Artificial intelligence bias REduction

ScHARe is a cloud-based platform for population science including social determinants of health (SDOH), and data sets designed to fill four critical health disparities research and artificial intelligence (AI) gaps:

  • Increase participation of women and underrepresented populations with health disparities in data science through data science skills training, cross-discipline mentoring, and multi-career level collaborating on research.
  • Leverage population science, SDOH, and behavioral Big Data and cloud computing tools to expand and foster a paradigm shift in health disparities, health care delivery, and health outcomes research.
  • Advance AI bias mitigation and ethical inquiry by developing innovative strategies and securing diverse perspectives.
  • Provide a data science cloud computing resource for community colleges and low resource minority serving institutions and organizations.

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Three interconnected hexagons representing cloud networking. Inside the hexagons are (1) an Asian female professional pointing at data on a computer screen during a discussion with a Black male colleague, (2) a middle-aged Latin American woman in an office reading on a laptop, and (3) an image of a cloud with multi-colored dots in it representing pieces of data.

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