Multilevel Pathways and Interventions to Promote Vaccine Uptake Among Populations Experiencing Health Disparities


This initiative will support research examining multilevel pathways at multiple levels and interventions to promote vaccine uptake among populations experiencing health disparities.

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Description of Initiative

This initiative will solicit multidisciplinary projects examining mechanisms and interventions at multiple levels to promote vaccine uptake among populations experiencing health disparities. Research topics may include but are not limited to the following among populations experiencing health disparities:

  • Interventions within community-based clinics (e.g., federally qualified health centers) and other front-line clinical sites (e.g., pharmacies, urgent care clinics) to address misinformation and disinformation, and improve awareness promote vaccine uptake of prevention tools
  • Evaluating the role of vaccine-related messaging and address misinformation on social media channels among racial and ethnic minority and sexual and gender minority (SGM) populations
  • Determining critical timepoints for rapid outreach and targeted vaccine messaging on vaccine hesitancy uptake among rural and SGM populations
  • Culturally adapted approaches for diverse populations and life stages
  • Digital-based interventions, including those harnessing artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Studies employing behavioral economics to understand effective vaccine uptake strategies
  • Family-based interventions to promote vaccine uptake among parents and children in school-based, faith-based, child care, healthcare, or community settings
  • Intergenerational studies to understand how vaccine hesitancy is formed and changes over time among individuals from racial and ethnic minority populations
  • Health communication interventions to promote vaccine uptake
  • Understanding beliefs and traits underlying vaccine hesitancy
  • Using AI approaches to understand how vaccine misinformation and disinformation are created and transmitted
  • Understanding vaccine hesitancy at the community and societal levels
  • Community based interventions (e.g., community health worker models) to promote timely and accurate information on vaccines and promote vaccine uptake
  • Policy studies on the effectiveness of vaccine mandates, vaccine promotion efforts, or awareness campaigns to address vaccine hesitancy
  • Interventions in healthcare (e.g., ambulatory primary care settings) and non-healthcare settings (e.g., the workplace) to promote vaccine uptake across the lifespan and address emergent health conditions
  • Multilevel studies on culturally specific and community-based approaches to address vaccine hesitancy and promote vaccine uptake
  • Systems-level interventions to address barriers to vaccine access
  • Place-based interventions to address health behaviors and social determinants of health to promote vaccine uptake in geographic locations with underserved and vulnerable populations
  • Brief interventions (e.g., brief screening with vaccine education) to improve awareness and promote vaccine uptake of behavioral mitigation strategies

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