Deborah Linares, Ph.D., M.A

Deborah Linares

Health Scientist Administrator
Division of Scientific Programs
Division of Integrative Biological and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Deborah Linares is a Health Scientist Administrator (Program Official) at NIMHD. She focuses on promoting research to understand behavioral and interpersonal factors contributing to resilience and susceptibility to adverse health conditions among disadvantaged and underserved populations. She provides expertise in conducting minority health and health disparities research in the areas of behavioral health, women’s health, child development, healthy aging, eHealth, and cancer control.

Prior to joining NIMHD, Dr. Linares worked as a Health Scientist/Program Officer at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, where she managed maternal and child health research programs focusing on behavioral interventions for children with autism, improving systems of care for children with special health care needs among underserved populations, and other topics. Dr. Linares also worked in the U.S. Government Accountability Office conducting HHS program evaluations.

Dr. Linares holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Community Health from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she studied behavioral health, survey measurement development, and program evaluation. She also holds a Master of Arts in Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from Biola University.

Selected Publications

  • Linares, D. E., Azuine, R.E., & Singh, G. K. (2020), Social Determinants of Health Associated with Mental Health Among US Mothers with Children Aged 0–5 Years. Journal of Women’s Health. Epub ahead of print. DOI:
  • Berry, J., Coller, R.J., Rodean, J., Alpern, E., Harris, D., Hall, M., Chung, P., Mosquera, R., & Linares, D. E. (2020). The interwoven nature of medical and social complexity of U.S. Children. JAMA Pediatrics. Epub ahead of print. DOI:
  • DiBari, J.N., Azuine, R.E., Linares, D. E., Rocha, I., Kogan, M.D., Park, H., Raskin-Ramos, L., & Kavanagh, L. (2020). The Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s autism research program. Pediatrics. 145 (S1), S5-S12. doi:
  • Coller, R.J., Rodean, J., Linares, D. E., Casto, E., Chung, P., Mosquera, R., Hall, M., Pulcini, C., Alpern, E., & Berry, J. (2019). Variation in hospitalization from the emergency department in children with medical complexity The Journal of Pediatrics, 214(e1), 113-120. doi:
  • Schwingel, A. Gálvez, P., Linares, D. E., & Sebastião, E. (2016). Using a mixed methods RE-AIM framework to evaluate community health programs in older Latinas. Journal of Aging and Health, 29(4), 551-593. doi:
  • Schwingel, A., Linares, D. E., Gálvez, P., Adamson, B., Aguayo, L., Bobitt, J., Castañeda, Y., Sebastião, E., & Marquez, D. X. (2015). Developing a culturally sensitive lifestyle behavior change program for Latinas. Qualitative Health Research. 5(12), 1733-1746. doi:
  • Buki, L. P., Montoya, Y., & Linares, D. E. (2013). Ameliorating cancer disparities in medically underserved women: A community-based approach. In E. M. Vera (Ed.), Handbook of prevention in counseling psychology (pp. 299-314). Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

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