Mechanisms and Interventions to Address HIV-Related Comorbidities in Populations Who Experience Health Disparities


This initiative will support research to examine mechanisms and interventions to address HIV-associated comorbidities among populations experiencing health disparities.

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Description of Initiative

This current initiative will support multilevel and multidisciplinary projects examining mechanisms and pathways of comorbidities and interventions to promote successful aging and quality of life (QoL) among people living with HIV (PLWH) who experience health disparities. Research topics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Identify the comorbid burden among racial and ethnic groups with HIV on QoL
  • Examine the interplay of multilevel (e.g., individual, family) factors and how comorbidities may influence HIV disease outcomes in different geographic areas, especially the Southeast and Northeast
  • Examine various social determinants of health such as discrimination and structural racism at neighborhood levels on health among PLWH with multiple identities that are marginalized
  • Characterize differences among racial and ethnic groups in biobehavioral mechanisms among individuals with HIV and COVID-19 infection

Page updated April 19, 2023