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In 2014, only 28 percent of Hispanics/Latinos between ages 18 and 64 received an influenza (flu) vaccination, compared with 36 percent of all adults in that age group.1 Hispanic/Latino adults are also less likely to have received the pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccine or three or more doses of the hepatitis B vaccination than White adults. Young Hispanic women are less likely to be vaccinated against HPV than Whites.2

Asians and Pacific Islanders age 65 and older are less likely to receive the pneumococcal vaccine than non-Hispanic Whites.2a Asian and Pacific Islander adults are much more likely to have chronic hepatitis B, which can be prevented by vaccination, than non-Hispanic Whites.3 Young Asian and Pacific Islander women, like their Hispanic/Latino counterparts, are less likely to be vaccinated against HPV than non-Hispanic Whites.2a

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