Innovative Health Disparities Solutions for American Indian/Alaska Native Small Businesses


This initiative will support small business innovation research proposing to develop a product, technology, and/or service for commercialization to improve American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) health, further research, and build the workforce for reducing and ultimately eliminating health disparities. Appropriate technologies, services, and products should be practical, sustainable, accessible, affordable, and culturally acceptable for AI/AN populations.

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Description of Initiative

This concept’s purpose is to engage small business concerns (SBCs), entrepreneurs and institutions from diverse backgrounds—such as human services, health research, engineering, science, and business—in developing technologies, services, and products. This concept enables AI/AN communities to conduct sustainable health-promoting activities and culturally specific interventions according to what is best for their community. These AI/AN-oriented solutions could lead to improved health, better health care, and increased research delivery, eliminating health disparities and achieving health equity in their communities.

Page updated April 19, 2023