Kristen Hamilton-Moseley, Ph.D.

Dr. Kristen Hamilton-Moseley

Staff Scientist
Division of Intramural Research

Dr. Kristen Hamilton-Moseley is a staff scientist in the Division of Intramural Research. She investigates mechanisms by which psychological, biological, and environmental factors influence alcohol and tobacco use. Dr. Hamilton-Moseley is a member of the Tobacco Related Disparities & Control (TRDC) lab, which is led by Dr. Kelvin Choi. Prior to joining NIMHD, she was a faculty member in the Psychology Department at the University of Maryland, where she studied stress, impulsivity, and substance abuse in young adults. Dr. Hamilton-Moseley also examined brain activity underlying impulsive decision-making in adolescents in her NIDA-funded K99/R00 fMRI research.

The TRDC lab at NIMHD investigates interrelationships among social determinants, tobacco use, and tobacco-related health disparities. Dr. Choi and his team also examine how tobacco marketing influences tobacco use patterns and tobacco disparities in minority populations. In her role as a staff scientist, Dr. Hamilton-Moseley will investigate psychobiological mechanisms by which social determinants influence alcohol and tobacco related health disparities.

Dr. Hamilton-Moseley received her B.A. in psychology from the College of William and Mary, and her Ph.D. in medical psychology from the Uniformed Services University in 2010. She completed postdoctoral fellowships at Yale School of Medicine and the University of Maryland.

Selected Publications

  • Hamilton-Moseley K.R., Phan L., Hacker K.J., Jewett B.J., Ajith A.U., Chen-Sankey J., Choi K. Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Vicarious and Direct COVID-19-Related Discrimination and Vigilance. Am J Prev Med 2023 65(3):439−447. doi: 10.1016/j.amepre.2023.03.013. PMID: 36963472
  • Hamilton-Moseley K.R., McNeel T.S., Choi K. Cumulative cigarette discount-coupon exposure and trajectories of cigarette smoking: A longitudinal analysis in US Adults. Tobacco Control. Tob Control. 2023 Apr 3:tc-2022-057801. doi: 10.1136/tc-2022-057801. Online ahead of print. PMID: 37015744
  • Hamilton, K.R., Felton, J.W., Goncalves , S.F., Tasheuras, O.N., Yoon, M., & Lejuez, C.W. (2019). Trait impulsivity during early adolescence predicts steepness of alcohol use escalation across adolescence. Addictive Behaviors, 98: 106017. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2019.06.006
  • Hamilton, K.R., Smith, J.F., Goncalves, S.F., Nketia, J.A., Chirles, T.J., Tasheuras , O.N., Yoon, M., Lejuez, C.W., & Shackman, A.J. (2020). Striatal bases of temporal discounting in early adolescence. Neuropsychologia, 144: 107492.
  • Hamilton, K.R., Littlefield, A.K., Anastasio, N.C., Wing, V., Moeller, F.G., Lane, S.D., Mathias, C.W., Cunningham, K., Lejuez, C.W., Clark, L., Schutz, C., Fink, L.H., Swann, A.C., & Potenza, M.N. (2015). Rapid-Response Impulsivity: Definitions, Measurement Issues, and Clinical Implications. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research and Treatment, 6(2): 168-181. PMID: 25867840

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