NIMHD William G. Coleman, Jr., Ph.D., Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Innovation Award

Designed to support the development of innovative research ideas and concepts

alert icon Application Process Is Closed


The award will make available $8,000 to $15,000 for supplies and services to be committed before the 2017 fiscal-year end, under the mentorship of either NIMHD intramural or NIMHD adjunct intramural investigators.

Interested research teams and individuals may submit a three-page proposal (excluding references) including the background, central hypothesis, detailed specific aims and a discussion of the expected outcome and possible pitfalls to the approach. Applicants must also include a summary budget and a detailed explanation and description of how successful completion of the proposal will have an impact on advancing the science of minority health and/or health disparities research.

Each applicant must also submit their CV and a letter of support from their mentor(s) that includes a statement describing their support for the research and how participation and successful completion of the proposed research will be important for the career development of the applicant.