Maryline Laude-Sharp, Ph.D.

Maryline Laude-Sharp, Ph.D.

Scientific Review Officer
Office of Extramural Research Administration
Scientific Review Branch

Dr. Maryline Laude-Sharp serves as a Scientific Review Officer (SRO) for the Special Emphasis Panels Section at the NIMHD and as Referral Officer. Her responsibilities include organizing and managing peer review meetings to evaluate the scientific and technical merits of applications in areas of minority health and health disparities within the mission of the NIMHD. In her role, she follows the set of principles and rules of peer review established by the NIH to assure that each application receives a review that is thorough and fair. In her role as Referral Officer, she interacts with CSR and NIMHD Division of Extramural Scientific Program leaders assuring proper applications assignment in line with programmatic areas of interest.

Dr. Maryline Laude-Sharp received her bachelor's degree from the University of Paris VII, France (1984) in Immunology and Hematology. She earned her master's degree in Human Biology from the University of Paris VI, France (1986), a Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Paris 13, France (1989) and completed a post-doctoral training in Biochemistry at Washington University, St Louis (1990-1992) and a Fogarty Fellowship (1992-1994) at the FDA on vaccine development. In a privately held company, Dr. Laude-Sharp managed projects developing vaccines against various infectious diseases.

Selected Publications

  • Laude-Sharp M., Haeffner-Cavaillon N., Caroff M., Lantreibecq F., Pusineri C. and Kazatchkine M.D. Dissociation between the interleukin-1-inducing capacity and Limulus reactivity of lipopolysaccharides from gram-negative bacteria. Cytokine. 1990, 2, 253-258.
  • Laude-Sharp M., Caroff M., Haeffner-Cavaillon N., Simar L., Pusineri C. and Kazatchkine M.D. Induction of IL-1 during hemodialysis: Transmembrane passage of intact endotoxin (LPS). Kidney Int. 1990, 38, 1089-1094.
  • Fusco P., Michon F., Laude-Sharp M., Minetty C.A.S.A., Huang C., Heron I., and Blake M. Preclinical studies on a recombinant Group B meningococcal porin as a carrier for a novel Haemophilus influenzae Type b conjugate vaccine. Vaccine. 1998, Vol 16, 1842-1849.
  • Michon F, Uitz C, Sarkar A, D'Ambra AJ, Laude-Sharp M., Moore S, Fusco PC. Group B streptococcal type II and III conjugate vaccines: Physicochemical properties that influence immunogenicity. Clin vaccine immunol 2006 Aug; 13(8):936-43
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