Community Health and Population Sciences

Under this research interest area, NIMHD supports research on the etiology, prevention, screening, early detection and management of diseases and conditions that have been shown to have significant burden in health disparity populations using large studies that reflect overall population health.

The scientific portfolio includes extramural grants, cooperative agreements and training awards related to the following:

  • Epidemiologic studies that identify and describe disease burden and risk factors in disparity populations;
  • Population-level gene-environment interaction studies;
  • Behavioral, sociocultural, and environmental influences on disease risks and outcomes;
  • Epidemiological, behavioral, social applied and surveillance research to understand the impact of social determinants on community health and population wellbeing;
  • Research integrating the multiple determinants of health at the biologic, behavioral, and contextual levels and their interactions; and
  • Research informing and establishing community- and population-level and public health practices that improve population health and reduce health disparities.

Other Research Interest Areas
Clinical and Health Services Research
Integrative Biological and Behavioral Research