RADx-UP Phase II-Related FOAs Program Description

Program Description

NIMHD supports this series of interrelated Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) that seek applications for Phase II of the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics – Underserved Populations (RADxSM-UP) Initiative.

Phase I projects established:

Phase II projects will maintain focus on COVID-19 testing while responding to the dynamics of case, hospitalization, morbidity and mortality rates within the U.S. Projects should develop and evaluate testing interventions with the goal of decreasing disparities in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections, hospitalizations, and mortality for underserved, vulnerable or other populations that experience health disparities. As well, projects should work to understand, inform, and improve COVID-19 testing intervention and other mitigation strategies (e.g. contact tracing, education programs) while considering vaccine availability, distribution, hesitancy, and uptake across populations. Applicants are strongly encouraged to develop partnerships with the Community Engagement Alliance (CEAL) Against COVID-19 Disparities initiative, where appropriate.

There are five interrelated FOAs and Notices of Special Interest (NOSIs) that are a part of RADxSM-UP Phase II:

RFA-OD-21-008 - Emergency Awards: Community-engaged COVID-19 Testing Interventions among Underserved and Vulnerable Populations – RADx-UP Phase II (U01 Clinical Trial Optional)

This FOA will fund two-year Testing Research Projects (TRPs) that will:

  • Expand the scope of RADxSM-UP testing interventions to reduce COVID-19 disparities among underserved and vulnerable populations.
  • Evaluate interventions that increase access and uptake of COVID-19 testing given the increasing availability of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

RFA-OD-21-009 - Emergency Award: RADx-UP – Social, Ethical, and Behavioral Implications (SEBI) Research on Disparities in COVID-19 Testing among Underserved and Vulnerable Populations (U01 Clinical Trial Optional)

This FOA will fund projects that:

  • Address the social, ethical, and behavioral implications (SEBI) of COVID-19 testing and vaccination among underserved and vulnerable populations.
  • Move beyond descriptive health disparities research and focus on developing interventions and other actionable solutions in collaboration with community partners.

NOT-OD-21-101 - NOSI: Administrative Supplements for Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics-Underserved Populations (RADx-UP) Phase I Projects to Address Vaccine Hesitancy and Uptake

This NOSI seeks to support administrative supplements to Phase I RADxSM-UP recipients to provide an opportunity to integrate vaccine hesitancy and uptake into their funded projects. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Expanding outreach and educational efforts to promote testing and foster vaccine confidence, acceptance, and uptake in underserved and vulnerable communities.
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating brief interventions at RADxSM-UP testing sites to maximize effective outreach, education, communication, and facilitate dissemination and uptake of testing and vaccines.

NOT-OD-21-103 - NOSI: Emergency Competitive Revisions for Community-engaged COVID-19 Testing Interventions among Underserved and Vulnerable Populations – RADx-UP Phase II (Emergency Supplement – Clinical Trial Optional)

This NOSI provides expedited funding for competitive revision applications to support Phase II of the RADxSM-UP initiative by establishing two-year TRPs. These projects must:

  • Expand the scope and reach of RADxSM-UP testing inventions to reduce COVID-19 disparities.
  • Address questions related to increasing access and uptake of COVID-19 testing given the increasing availability of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.
  • Propose innovative science to address new challenges that have arisen in the testing and virus mitigation landscape.

NOT-OD-21-097 - NOITP a Research Opportunity Announcement for RADx-UP Return to School Diagnostic Testing Approaches (OT2 Clinical Trial Optional)

The NIH plans to publish a Research Opportunity (RO), as part of the RADxSM-UP initiative, to solicit research on COVID-19 diagnostic testing approaches to safely return children and staff to the in-person school setting in underserved and vulnerable communities. This upcoming RO will fund new cohorts or approaches to gain data related to the safe return to the in-person learning environment. Please see NOT-OD-21-097 for more information on eligibility and proposal deadlines.

Researchers applying to this FOA are strongly encouraged to read all interrelated funding opportunities. NIH expects that all projects funded under these FOAs and NOSIs will actively collaborate with the RADxSM-UP Consortium, collect common data elements (CDEs), and share date with the Coordination and Data Collection Center (CDCC). Projects responding to this funding opportunity are required to collect the NIH RADxSM-UP Tier 1 Common Data Elements.

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