COE Grants

Program Description

The program helps:

  • Support innovative multi- and trans-disciplinary research to promote minority health and reduce health disparities,
  • Strengthen exemplary research training and education activities to support the development of well-trained researchers from minority and populations experiencing health disparities,
  • Increase the number of individuals from minority and other populations experiencing health disparities participating in research activities, and
  • Provide support for engaging minority and other communities experiencing health disparities in effective and sustainable activities aimed at improving the health of their communities.

Each Center of Excellence has a specific unifying focus that will have a direct and demonstrable impact on addressing minority health and health disparities in that topic area. The thematic focus of each COE revolves around at least one of the NIH-designated populations experiencing health disparities or a subgroup within a populations experiencing health disparities, and may include specific disease areas that disproportionately affect populations experiencing health disparities and contribute substantially to health outcomes, prevention topics that cut across health conditions and populations and more.

NIH Guide No: RFA-MD-17-005

Table of Funded Grants

Institution Project Title / Principal Investigator NIMHD Program Officer
Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Leveraging Bio-Cultural Mechanisms to Maximize the Impact of Multi-Level Preventable Disease Interventions with Southwest Populations

Contact PI: Marsiglia, Flavio Francisco
Dr. Derrick Tabor
Case Western Reserve University Involving Communities in Delivering and Disseminating Health Disparity Interventions

Contact PI: Sehgal, Ashwini
Dr. Jennifer Alvidrez
Duke University Duke Center for REsearch to AdvanCe Healthcare Equity

Contact PI: Johnson, Kimberly
Dr. Benyam Hailu
Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins Center for Health Disparities

Contact PI: Gaskin, Darrell J
Dr. Derrick Tabor
New York University School of Medicine NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health

Contact PI: Chau Trinh-Shevrin
Dr. Dorothy Castille
University of Arkansas for Med Sciences Arkansas Center for Health Disparities

Contact PI: Raczynski, James M
Dr. Richard Berzon
University of Alabama at Birmingham Obesity Health Disparities Research Center

Contact PI: Fouad, Mona N
Dr. Richard Berzon
University of Colorado Denver American Indian and Alaska Native Health Disparities

Contact PI: Manson, Spero Martin
Dr. DeLoris Hunter
University of Illinois at Chicago Center for Health Equity Research

Contact PI: Winn, Robert Andrew
Dr. Adelaida Rosario
University of Miami at Coral Gables Center for Latino Health Research Opportunities – Claro

Contact PI: Mitrani, Victoria Behar
Dr. Jennifer Alvidrez
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Transdisciplinary Research, Equity and Engagement Center for Advancing Behavioral Health

Contact PI: Cacari Stone, Lisa Marie
Dr. Richard Berzon
University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas Center for Minority Health, Education, Research and Outreach

Contact PI: Vishwanatha, Jamboor K
Dr. Rina Das

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