RCMI Translational Research Network (RTRN)

Program Description

The RTRN is a national consortium comprised of clinical and translational researchers from RCMI Centers working in collaboration with investigators from other academic health centers, community healthcare providers, community organizations, and a central Data and Technology Coordinating Center that provides secure Web services and data sharing tools. Through linking these various groups, RTRN provides opportunities for multi-site clinical and translational research among minority-serving and other collaborating institutions throughout the nation to focus their collective efforts on addressing health disparities.

By providing computer-based tools for analyzing and managing clinical research data, recruiting for clinical trials, and sharing information with patients, the network enables clinical and translational researchers to collaborate more efficiently with each other and with their communities.

The program encourages the sharing of resources and expertise related to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, and renal and cardiovascular diseases that disproportionately affect minorities and other medically underserved populations.


  • Increase the efficiency of clinical and translational research through a single network that leverages shared infrastructure for NIH studies
  • Facilitate study participant recruitment and retention
  • Increase the efficiency of the implementation and dissemination of research advances to improve health outcomes


The RTRN program supports projects at private and public academic institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Eligibility is limited to those institutions currently funded via the RCMI program.