Abstract: Reducing Health Disparities among Hispanics through Culturally Tailored Intervention Science

Hispanics bear a disproportionate burden of disease, injury, death, and disability when compared with non-Hispanic whites for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, substance abuse and intimate partner violence.

The NIMHD-funded Center of Excellence for Heath Disparities Research: El Centro has developed and tested culturally-tailored interventions to address disparities in these health conditions among Hispanics. In her presentation, Dr. Peragallo Montano will discuss how El Centro investigators, through mixed-methods studies and randomized trials, have developed a conceptual model to understand how substance abuse, violence, risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and mental health are related among Hispanics; how they interact; and most importantly, what the individual, relationship, cultural, and socio-economic factors are that may serve as common risk and protective factors for these conditions. This conceptual understanding is fundamental to the development of effective and efficient interventions.

El Centro's approach is focused on five themes: (1) Development, evaluation and dissemination of culturally-tailored interventions; (2) Addressing culturally-related factors impacting multiple health conditions; (3) Culturally-informed, community-engaged research methods; (4) Training and mentoring the next generation of health disparities researchers; (5) Interdisciplinary team science. El Centro celebrates diversity and appreciates its impact on health. This includes recognition of culturally-rooted strengths and challenges.