Guest Speaker Bio - Dr. Linda Burhansstipanov

Dr. Linda Burhansstipanov (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) has worked in public health since 1971, primarily with Native American issues. She taught full-time at California State University Long Beach for 18 years and part-time for the University of California Los Angeles for 5 years. She developed and implemented the Native American Cancer Research Program at the National Cancer Institute from 1989-1993. She worked with the AMC Cancer Research Center in Denver for 5 years before founding Native American Cancer Initiatives, Incorporated (1998), a for-profit business, and of Native American Cancer Research Corporation (1999), an American Indian operated, non-profit. She serves on multiple federal advisory boards for NIH and CDC. She currently is the principal investigator and subcontractor for 5 NIH grants. She has over 125 peer-reviewed publications, of which most address Native American cancer, public health, genetic education, inequities and data issues.