Guest Speaker Bio - Dr. Michael Paasche-Orlow

 Dr. Michael Paasche-Orlow is Associate Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Paasche-Orlow is a general internist and a nationally recognized expert in the field of health literacy. Dr. Paasche-Orlow is currently a co-investigator with five funded grants that examine health literacy including two intervention studies evaluating simplified information technologies for behavior change among minority patients with a range of health literacy levels. Dr. Paasche-Orlow is a member of the Project RED research team, a nationally recognized model to re-engineer the process of hospital discharge to improve the safety and efficiency of transitions of care. Dr. Paasche-Orlow is also a member of the Video Images of Disease for Ethical Outcomes (VIDEO) Consortium and the chief quality officer for Nous Foundation ( Dr. Paasche-Orlow’s work has brought attention to the role health literacy plays in racial and ethnic disparities, self-care for patients with chronic diseases, end-of life decision making, and the ethics of research with human subjects. Dr. Paasche-Orlow is the Associate Chief for Research for the Section of General Internal Medicine at Boston Medical Center and the Associate Program Director for the Boston University School of Medicine General Internal Medicine Academic Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program.