Tommy Moehlman

Office of Science Policy, Strategic Planning, Analysis, Reporting, and Data
Phone: 301-435-3481

Mr. Tommy Moehlman is a grants program analyst in the Office of Science Policy, Strategic Planning, Analysis, Reporting and Data. He is primarily responsible for conducting the portfolio analyses for NIMHD and NIH, managing NIMHD’s grant coding responsibilities, and managing NIMHD’s Portfolio Analysis Tool. Mr. Moehlman also contributes his expertise to the evaluation of NIMHD programs and writes analytic reports for the Institute.

Before coming to NIMHD, Mr. Moehlman was a post-baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) fellow at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), where his research focused on human sleep, circadian rhythms, and functional MRI methods.

Mr. Moehlman earned a Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts in integrative physiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Selected Publications

  • Moehlman, T. M., de Zwart, J. A., Chappel-Farley, M. G., Liu, X., McClain, I. B., Chang, C.,. . . Picchioni, D. (Epub 2018). All-night functional magnetic resonance imaging sleep studies. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. doi:10.1016/j.jneumeth.2018.09.019
  • Stothard, E. R., McHill, A. W., Depner, C. M., Birks, B. R., Moehlman, T. M., Ritchie, H. K.,. . . Wright, K. P. Jr. (2017). Circadian entrainment to the natural light-dark cycle across seasons and the weekend. Current Biology, 27(4), 508–513. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2016.12.041