Deborah Ismond, Ph.D.

Office of Extramural Research Administration
Scientific Review Branch
Phone: 301-594-2704

Dr. Deborah Ismond is a scientific review officer for NIMHD. Previously, she was an intramural research psychologist with the Child Psychiatry Branch, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), where she coordinated inpatient and outpatient drug trials and other clinical research and was responsible for study implementation, data collection, and statistical analysis. Prior to returning to NIH in 2010, Dr. Ismond had a 25-year consulting career managing proposal efforts for federal contractors, writing and reviewing foundation grants for nonprofit clients, and developing policy-related products for dissemination to targeted audiences. She has also served as a consultant on program evaluation, education policy, mental health, and human services. Dr. Ismond has used her behavioral and social science background and experience in mental health research to contribute to the evaluation of prevention and treatment programs for children and youth. She co-authored a textbook used for training on the diagnosis of childhood psychiatric disorders.

Selected Publications